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Find your weight lifting abilities easily with the help of our Online Wilks Tools. This tool makes use of the Wilks formula to determine your body strength. This calculator works on three key information Unit Systems, Gender, Weight Lifted, and Body Weight to determine your Wilks score.

Unit System
Body Weight (lbs):
Weight Lifted (lbs):

Wilks Tools: It measures your strength in powerlifting against other powerlifters with different body weights of both genders. This free calculator is used to decide which weightlifter is better rather than used to track your progress. In this calculator mainly the power to weight ratio is obtained, one can also measure it manually on its own by using the below-given chart.

Obtain the steps to calculate Wilks score, wilk score calculator, Wilks formula, wilks bench press calculator, Wilks Coefficient and charts details from the below mentioned sections.

What is the Wilks Formula?

The Wilks formula is developed for both men & women, as follows:

Wilks Formula for Men:

Wilks Score = TWL × 500 / (a + b × BWT2 + c × BWT3 + d × BWT4 + e × BWT5 + f × BWT6)

Here: TWL = total weight lifted [kg],

 BWT = bodyweight of the lifter [kg]

a = -216.0475144 b = 16.2606339 c = -0.002388645

d = -0.00113732 e = 7.01863E-06 f = -1.291E-08

Wilks Formula for Women:

Wilks Score = TWL × 500 / (a + b × BWT2 + c × BWT3 + d × BWT4 + e × BWT5 + f × BWT6)

Here: TWL = total weight lifted [kg]

BWT = bodyweight of the lifter [kg]

a = 594.31747775582 b = -27.23842536447 c = 0.82112226871

d = -0.00930733913 e = 4.731582E-05 f = -9.054E-08.

Wilks Coefficient

The Wilks coefficient is a mathematical term that is derived especially to measure the relative strengths of powerlifters even if the lifters belong to different weight categories. Formula to calculate Wilks coefficient is as follows:

Coeff = 500 / (a + bx + cx2 + dx3 + ex4 + fx5)

Here, x = total body weight of a powerlifter in kg

a, b, c, d, e, f = all are coefficients whose values are given in the table below.

Different values are considered for men & women because of their biological differences & weight-bearing capacity.

Note: This Wilks coefficient formula is updated in March 2020.

Coefficient values

















7.07665973070743 × 10−6

9.38773881462799 × 10−6


-1.20804336482315 × 10−8

-2.3334613884954 × 10−8

Wilks Chart

Wilks Points





Normal person’s achievement


Solid beginner

Anyone could reach here in 1-2 years by proper training & focus


local hero

Lion among the sheep


National champ

with Wilks score of around 400, you can compete at the national level of any big countries also



Time to rejoice, you are qualified for Olympics level tournament


Class of elite

Your current ranking must be in top 10 of the world


Champion among elites

Not even 100 people in the world achieved a 500+ Wilks rating.


Greatest of all time

You are one of the greatest in the game & that too without interference from the doping federation.

Steps to Calculate the Wilks Score for your Gender/Body Weight

  • First, choose your preferred system of measurement (imperial or metric)
  • Choose your gender & then measure your total weight.
  • Then, check the total weight that was lifted (it includes deadlift, bench & squat)
  • Now, enter the values in the formula to get the final answer.

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Solved Example

Find the Wilks score of a male powerlifter. The weight of a lifter is 90 kg & total weight lifter is 446 kg.


Here, enter the values in formula for male lifter

Weight of a lifter = 90 kg & total weight lifted = 446 kg

Wilks Score = TWL × 500 / (a + b × BWT2 + c × BWT3 + d × BWT4 + e × BWT5 + f × BWT6)

Wilks Score = 284.7

FAQs on Accurate Wilks Score Tools

1. What is an impressive Wilks?

According to Wilks formula, to get considered stronger, a man weighing 99.8kg would need to squat 359 kg to earn 218.54 Wilks points whereas a woman weighing 54.4kg squatting 181.5kg gets 218.29 Wilks points.

2. How are powerlifting totals calculated?

To calculate the powerlifting totals one needs to perform the addition of the heaviest weight lifted for the squat, deadlift and bench press. Wilks calculator kg.

3. Is Wilks score accurate?

Wilks score can be used to determine the best lifter status. It is very useful in making accurate predictions and computing the wide majority of the variability.

4. What is good Wilks Reddit?

A 400 plus Wilks Reddit is considered as good while when it reaches up to 550 it is considered as outstanding.