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Calculate Speed, Distance, or Time easily by taking the help of the online tool existing. Speed Distance Tools will give you the unknown value just like that if two known values are given as inputs. Simply provide the inputs in the input provision and click the calculate button to get results in no time.

Speed Distance Time Tools
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Speed Distance Time Tools: Whether you are driving a new car or cycle and wanted to know the Speed this instant tool will be quite handy. In this article of ours, you will find a lot of information like how to calculate the unknown if any of the two parameters like speed, distance, and time are given. For the sake of your convenience, we have listed the formula, step by step process to evaluate the missing term. Understand the concept much better by having a glance at the solved examples provided.

How to find Speed Distance Time?

Follow the simple guidelines presented below to evaluate any of the parameters Time, Speed, Distance. You will solve your time, speed, distance problems quite easily after going through these steps.

  • To solve for Distance simply use the formula Distance = Speed * Time
  • Substitute the values known to you in the basic formula.
  • If you want any other metric to be known simply rearrange the formula using basic maths and solve for it.

Thus formulas to find Time, Speed, Distance is

Distance = Speed * Time

Speed = Distance/Time

Time = Distance/ Speed


Question: Solve for Speed if the distance traveled is 165 miles within a time of 3 hrs?


Given Distance = 165 Miles

Time = 3 hrs

Formula to evaluate the Speed = Distance/Time

Substitute the input data given i.e. distance, time values

Speed = 165/3

= 55 miles/hr

Therefore, Speed is 55miles/hr for a distance of 165 miles and a time duration of 3 hrs.

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FAQs on Speed Time Distance

1. What is Speed?

Speed is a Scalar Quantity that refers to how fast an object is moving.

2. What are the formulae for Time Speed and Distance?

The formulae to find Time, Speed and Distance is given by

  • Distance = Speed * Time
  • Speed = Distance/Time
  • Time = Distance/ Speed

3. How to use Speed Distance Time Tools?

Enter any of the two inputs in the respective input section and click on the calculate button to know the unknown parameter in a matter of seconds.

4. Where do I get a detailed procedure explaining Time Speed Distance Concept?

You can find a detailed procedure explaining Time Speed Distance Concept on our page.