Converting RPM to Radians Per Second

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Converting RPM to Radians Per Second Online Tool is rpm to radians per second converts the given frequency unit from RPM to Radians Per Second easily. Simply enter the input unit and hit the calculate button to avail the Radians Per Second form of frequency.

Enter Revolutions Per Minute(RPM)

Converting RPM to Radians Per Second: Solve your issues with the RPM to Radians Per Second Conversions taking the help of this tool. It's time to make your calculations simple and interesting with the help of this handy Online RPM to Radians Per Second Converter. Check out the solved examples for understanding the concepts in more detail.

What is RPM to Radians Per Second Conversion?

It's possible to measure the speed of something turning in many different ways, but you'll have to understand what they all mean if you wish to convert between them.

Here, revolutions per minute (rpm) & radians per second (rad/s) are two units to measure the speed of rotation or something turning.

RPM: A revolution per minute (rpm) is a unit of frequency commonly used to measure how many revolutions are made in a minute.

Rad/s: An object's rotational rate, measured in radians per second(rad/s ), is described as the change in rotation per second.

RPM to Rad/s Conversion

By multiplying the value by 2π, & then dividing it by 60, you can get the value.

Rad/s= [rpm ×2π] /60

Rad/s to RPM Conversion Formula

By dividing the figure by 2π, you can convert from radians to complete revolutions, which you can then multiply by 60 to convert from seconds to minutes. This can be written directly as the simple conversion formula. The formula for converting rpm to radians per second is as follows:

RPM= [(rad/s) / 2π] × 60

Refer to the below sections and find more details like how to convert RPM to Radians per second manually.

How to Convert Revolutions Per Minute to Radian Per Second (rpm to rad/s) Manually?

It consists of two steps i.e. converting RPM to revolutions per second and then converting the total number of revolutions to the angle covered in radians.

Step 1. You can find the number of revolutions per second by dividing the RPM number by 60.

Step 2. Take the above value and multiply by 2π to convert to radians.

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Solved Example on Degrees to Radians Conversion


Convert 6 RPM to rad/s.


rad/s = 6 RPM/60 × 2π

rad/s = 0.1 × 2π

rad/s =0.628318

FAQs On Converting RPM to Radians Per Second Tools with Steps

1. How many radians are in an RPM?

There are 9.549297 radians are in an RPM.

2. How do you convert 90 RPM to RPS?

How to convert rpm into rps? You can convert 90 RPM to RPS by using the simple conversion formula OR  rpm to rps conversion formula of RPM to RPS or rpm to rps formula. After converting, 90 RPM = 1.5 RPS.

3. What is the difference between RPM and RPS?

RPM is defined by minutes and it depends upon the changes in minutes similarly RPS depends on changes in seconds.

4. Why is it rpm instead of RPS?

As per the rules of the international system of units i.e SI, RPM is not a unit it is just a semantic notation to understand its meaning itself and for formula sign when needed.

5. How to convert rps into rpm?

Convert rpm to rps formula, To convert revolutions per second (rps) to revolutions per minute (rpm), you need to multiply by 60. This is because there are 60 seconds per minute.

The conversion formula is:

rpm = rps * 60

For example, to convert 1 rps to rpm, you would multiply by 60:

rpm = 1 rps * 60 = 60 rpm

To convert 2 rps to rpm, you would multiply by 60 again:

rpm = 2 rps * 60 = 120 rpm. And so on.
You can also use a conversion calculator to convert rps to rpm. There are many free online conversion calculators available.