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The online RGB Hex conversion calculator makes the process of converting colours to hexadecimal values simple and rapid. To create the output results, just enter the appropriate parameters in the input box and press the calculate button. This simple colour converter application allows you to convert RGB colour values to hexadecimal numbers and vice versa.

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RGB / Hex Conversion Tools: Are you looking for the best and most convenient tool for instantly converting RGB to HEX? If so, you've come to the correct spot. We've made it simple for customers to calculate the needed value using an exact formula and acceptable procedures. Check out the manual technique for calculating RGB or HEX in the sections below. There are also another calculators like  hex addition calculator,  hex conversion calculator,  hex code calculator,  convert rgb hex, and  rgb to hex online.

What are RGB Colour Values?

The RGB colour Values is a representation of a colour model, which includes red, green and blue colours of light. These three colours are mixed together in different ways to regenerate a wide range of colours. RGB values indicate its intensity of red, green and blue colours. Range of each intensity (0 to 255) or (00 to FF).RGB color values are generally used in HTML, XHTML, CSS and in web standards.

What are Hexadecimal Codes for Colours?

The way of representing colours through different colour models using hexadecimal values, known as hexadecimal codes for colours. The formate #RRGGBB, in which RR =Red, GG=Green and BB= Blue.

The range of these hexadecimal values is from 00 to FF which represent the intensity of the colours. This module includes both step-by-step instructions and an online calculator that provides correct results in a short period of time. Visit arithmeticcalculator.com to learn about the many calculators available and to complete your calculations with ease.

How to Convert RGB to Hex Manually?

First Value

  1. Take the first number and divide it by 16, you will get the first digit of the 6 digit hexadecimal code.
  2. Take the remainder of the first digit and multiply it by 16 which gives the second digit of hexadecimal code.

Second Value

  1. Take the second number and divide it by 16, which gives the third digit of the Hexadecimal code.
  2. Then take the remainder and just multiply it by 16 which gives the fourth digit of the hex colour code.

Third Value

  1. Take the third number and divide it by 16, which gives the fifth digit of the hex colour code.
  2. Take the remainder and multiply by 16, which gives the sixth digit of hex colour code.

Procedure to Convert Hex to RGB Manually

First Value

  1. Take the first digit and convert it into decimal and then multiply it with 16 which gives partial value.
  2. Take the second digit and convert it into decimal and then add the result to the partial value which gives the red value.

Second Value

  1. Take the third digit and convert it into decimal and then multiply it with 16 which gives partial value.
  2. Then take the fourth digit and convert it into decimal add the partial value to this value, it gives green value

Third Value

Similarly, by taking the fifth and sixth digits and repeating the above steps you will get the blue value.

Solved Examples on RGB to Hex Conversion or  rgb to hex converter

Example 1: For a colour yellow-green: RGB(160, 200, 60). Find out the hex values.


The RGB colour is yellow-green, for which the CSS code is colour: RGB(160, 200, 60). 

In hex values, 160 is A0, 200 is C8, and 60 is 3c, 

making our CSS hex code color:#A0C83C or color:#a0c83c

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FAQs On Free Online RGB to Hex Conversion Tools

1. How do you calculate hexadecimal colour?

The hexadecimal colour starts with a # and are followed by six letters and/or numbers. Among the six letters the first two letters refer to red, the next two refer to green, and the last two refer to blue. 

2. How do you calculate the RGB value?

To calculate RGB value we use function R*0.2126+ G*0.7152+ B*0.0722 for a given RGB colour.

3. What is the difference between RGB and hex?

RGB and HEX are simply two different ways of communicating the red, green, and blue colour values. These both are the colour languages used in coding.

4. What is hex code for RGB?

A hex code is a hexadecimal way to represent a color in RGB format by combining three values red, green and blue in a particular shade of color. It is a key way of representing color formats digitally.