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The Rain to snow calculator is used to calculate the amount of snow produced during rainfall. It occurs when during rainfall sudden temperature decreases. The conversion of rainfall to snowfall due to temperature drop creates difficulty for people as it may convert into a snowstorm and create difficulty. We are providing an easy rain-to-snow calculator to calculate the amount of snow formed from rainfall.The rain to snow ratio depends upon the factors like temperature, precipitation, wind chill, atmospheric chills, etc.

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What is Rain-to-Snow Ratio?

The amount of rainfall is equal to snowfall in a ratio of 1:10 or 1:8 i.e. the 1 inch of rain is equivalent to 10 inches of snow. The ratio varies with the density of snow, if the snow is dense then the ratio will be 1:8 i.e 1 inches of rain is in the ratio of 8 inches of snow. It depends upon the atmospheric temperature.

Rain to Snow Conversion Formula

The formula for conversion of rain to snow is as follows: S= R * 5 + T/16

  • S = amount of snow (in inches)
  • R= amount of rain (in inches)
  • T = temperature in Fahrenheit

How to Calculate Rain to Snow?

Follow the steps outlined below to convert rain to snow. They are as under

  • Step 1: First find the amount of rainfall in inches, if the rain is 1 inch then put the value of rainfall in inches in the formula.
  • Step 2: The second step is to find the temperature of the atmosphere and put the value in the given formula.
  • Step 3: Put all the values in the formula given below S= R * 5 + T/16

Now calculate it after putting all the values in the formula and the desired result. The result will be calculated in inches.


1. If the rainfall in the city is 2 inches, and the atmospheric temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, find the amount of snow?

Given Rainfall in City R = 2 inches

Atmospheric Temperature = 32 degrees fahrenheit

Amount of snow in inches S = ?

We know the Formula to convert Rain to Snow is given by S = R * 5 + T/16

Substituting the input data we have

S = 2 * (5 + 32/16)

= 2 * (5 + 2)

= 2 * (7)

= 14 inches.

Therefore, amount of snow in inches is 14.

How to use Rain to Snow Tools?

To calculate the rain-to-snow is an easy three-step process.

  • The First thing you need to find out some values like the amount of rainfall in inches, and the second is to check the atmospheric temperature.
  • By getting these values, put all the values in the calculator and press the button on the calculator.
  • That's it you will get the desired result.

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FAQs on Rain to Snow Tools

1. How will you find out if it's going to rain or snowfall today?

You can find it by checking the atmospheric temperature. If the temperature of the atmosphere is below the freezing point it is going to snow today, and if it is above the freezing point then it is going to rain today.

2. At what temperature does rain converts into snow?

At a temperature between 34 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the rain will start freezing but not so dense. As the temperature goes down the 34 degrees Fahrenheit snow will start freezing more densely.

3. How much the ratio of inches of 3-inch rain is equal to snow?

The ratio of 3-inch of rain is equivalent to approx: 3:30 inches as the ratio of rain-to-snow is equivalent to 1:10. Depending upon the atmospheric temperature. This ratio varies with the change in the temperature of the atmosphere.

4. In which Unit the value of rain-to-snow is calculated?

The value of snow calculated will be in inches.