Product Sum Tools

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Utilize the handy tool Product Sum Tools to calculate the two numbers that have a product and sum of the numbers you enter in a short span of time. Simply enter the inputs and tap on the calculate button to avail the result in no time.

Product Sum Tools

Product Sum Tools: If you are looking for help in finding the Product Sum? You have come the right way and the Product Sum Tools over here gives the result what two numbers have a product of x and Sum of y. Get to know the step by step procedure on how to evaluate the product sum by referring further. This online tool aids you to solve your problems easily with detailed descriptions.

Finding Numbers given their Product and Sum

Go through the below procedure to evaluate the Product and Sum of numbers given. You will arrive at the solution easily by following the mentioned guidelines.

  • In order to find what two numbers have a Product and Sum write down what you know initially.
  • Let's assume the values we need to find are x, y whose product and sum are known.
  • Write the given data in the form of equations.
  • By using basic substitution, you will get an expression from which you can find the values easily.
  • If you aren't sure whether the results arrived are accurate or not cross-check the results obtained in the equations framed with input data.

For a better understanding of the concept, we have listed an example explaining everything in detail on how to solve the problem to find the Product and Sum.


Question: What two numbers have a Product of 44 and a sum of 24?


Given Product of two numbers = 44

Sum of two numbers = 24

Let's consider the numbers we need to find as x and y

To solve the problem x.y = 44

x+y = 24


Replace the value of y in the equation x.y=44. It's not necessarily y if you want you can interchange with the value of x too as x and y are interchangeable.

x. (24-x)=44

On solving the equation we get two numbers as 2 and 22

That's it the two numbers whose product is 44 and the sum is 24 are 2, 22.

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FAQs on Product Sum Tools

1. What is meant by Sum and Product?

Sum is the result of adding two or more numbers whereas Product is the result of multiplying two or more numbers.

2. Where do I get the Procedure to find Numbers given their Product and Sum?

You can get the Procedure to find Numbers given their Product and Sum explained step by step on our page.

3. How to find numbers using the Product Sum Tools?

All you need to do is provide the Product Value and the Sum Value in the input Provision of the tool and hit on the Calculate Button to avail resultant numbers easily.

4. Which Web Portal Offers Solved Examples of Product Sum? provides the Solved Examples of Product Sum explaining step by step procedure.