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When you are shopping for something, this free Online Discount Tools helps you in finding the price of the object after applying the discount. You just need to enter the product selling price and discount percentage in the input boxes and hit the calculate button to obtain the amount you need to pay to buy the product with a discount value.

Online Discount Tools
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Online Discount Tools: Unlike other discount tools our Tools gives you the lengthy procedure included with the tax. On this page, we have covered the detailed explanation of applying discounts to any product and how to know the selling price. So, learn the manual procedure to calculate the discount in the below sections. Our free Discount Tools provides you the amount in a fraction of seconds.

Process to Calculate Discounted Price from Selling Price & Discount

Calculating discounted prices is a bit difficult as it involves arithmetic operations. But no need to worry, because we have provided an easy and simple procedure to find the discounted price when the selling price and discount percentage of an object is given. So, keep on reading this section and follow the guidelines mentioned here to get the discounted price quickly.

  • Let us take any product selling price and discount percentage
  • We have a formula to calculate the discounted price when these two are given:
  • Formula is Discounted Price= Original Selling Price - (Original Selling Price * Discount / 100)
  • Just replace your values in the above formula
  • Perform all the mathematical operations to get the solution.

Follow these easy steps carefully while calculating the discounted price manually and get the result easily. If you need the output quickly then make use of our Online Discount Tools prevailed on our site ie, On our website, you may also find other maths calculators for faster calculations during your assignments.


Question: The actual price of a book is Rs. 1500/-, but the shopkeeper is giving a discount of 20% on those books. Then, How much do I need to pay to buy 2 books?


Given data is

Book Original Selling Price= Rs. 1500/-

Discount percentage per one book=20%

Discounted Price= Original Selling Price - (Original Selling Price * Discount / 100)

Discounted price= 1500- (1500*20/100)

= 1500- (1500*0.2)

= 1500-(300)= 1200

Discounted price per one book is Rs. 1200/-

You need to pay 2*1200/-= Rs. 2400/- to buy two books.

And you are saving (1500-1200)= Rs. 300/- on each book.

FAQs on Online Discount Tools

1. How do you find the original price before discount?

  • Consider the original price as x
  • Multiply the discount rate with the original price x
  • Then, discounted price will become Discounted price= Original Price- Discount
  • Solve the equation and find the x value to get the original selling price of a product.

2. How do you calculate a discount of a product?

  • Get the original selling price and discounted price (Price of the product after applying discount).
  • Subtract the selling price from the discounted price
  • Divide the obtained number by discounted price
  • Multiply the result with 100 to get the discount.

3. How do you take 20% off a price?

Convert the percentage discount to decimal i.e 0.20. Multiply the decimal discount by the price of the item to know savings on that product.

4. How do you find the discount on a list price?

The formula to calculate the discount when list price and sale price are known is Discount= [(List Price - Sale Price)/ List Price] * 100. Substitute values in the formula and calculate.

5. What are the types of discount?

The three common types of discounts are listed here

  1. Quantity Discounts: Discount is offered based on the number of units you purchase.
  2. Trade Discounts: This discount allows distributors to vary their prices to sell all the items.
  3. Promotional Discounts: These are of this type buy one get one for free.