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Utilize this natural log calculator for free to calculate the natural log values for a given number. By calculating with our calculator you will get the answers in seconds. For that, give the inputs in the input fields then click on the calculate button and get the answers effortlessly.

Natural logirithmic of

Natural Log Tools: If you are searching for a tool to easily find the log values, you are exactly on the page where you can find the values very easily by just giving the number and also it takes very little time to give you the answer. Not only that, you can use the calculator for cross-checking your answers when you calculate the log value manually. If you are not good at solving log problems we are providing the steps and solved examples in further sections.

What do you Mean by Natural Log?

A natural log is defined by the log with the exponent of e. It is denoted by ln and it can be expressed as a log to the base e. In logarithm we have two types, one is the common log and another one is the natural log. If we see the formula or representation,

logea = x => ex =a ⇒ ln a = x


e is the constant value, i.e.,  2.71828

a is the argument value.

How to Find the Log Value?

Follow the guidelines that are shown to calculate the log values manually.

  • First, write the value that was given in the problem.
  • After that, you need to apply the formula of the log.
  • Then, finally, you will get the answer.


Question: Find the natural log value of loge3?


Given value, a = 3.

Apply the natural log formula, 

logea = x => ex =a

loge= x => ex =4

= 1.099

Finally, the natural log value of  logeis 1.099.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Natural Log Tools

1. How to solve the natural log using the calculator?

A natural log can be calculated by using the calculator simply by giving some inputs than by clicking on the calculate button. We will get the answers easily.

2. Calculate the log value of loge?

Natural log value of  loge5, we know that logea = x => ex =a then, ex =5 = 1.6094.

3. What is the natural log equal to?

The natural log of x is the logarithm to the base e and the value of e is equal to 2.178.

4. What is the representation of a natural log?

Representation of natural log is ln (or)  logea .