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Estimate your lean body mass (LBM) with our Lean Body Mass Tools by providing your gender, body weight, and height details. Choose a measuring system (imperial or metric), enter the required data, finally select whatever equation you want to use to calculate your LBM, and then click "Calculate" to get your LBM.

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Lean Body Mass (LBM) Tools: If you are more concerned about your health and fitness, then this handy Lean Body Mass Tools is made for you. It provides the estimated LBM of a person by taking the height, weight, gender, and age of a person. The manual steps of estimating an individual's lean body mass with a solved example are here. Check Learn Body Mass Chart and equations.

What is Lean Body Mass?

The lean body mass sometimes referred to as fat-free mass, is the weight of the lean body in addition to the fat in the body. The lean body mass is calculated by subtracting the fat weight from the total body weight. In other words, it counts the mass of all organs, except body fat, including bones, muscles, blood, skin, and everything else.

Several Equations to Compute the LBM

There are several equations to compute LBM. Namely, they are the Boer equation, James equation, Hume equation & lastly Peter’s equation which are used for children up to the age 13 to 14 years.

  • The Boer equation

Women = 0.252 × weight + 0.473 × height - 48.3

 Men = 0.407 × weight + 0.267 × height - 19.2

  • The James equation

Women = 1.07 (weight) - 148 (weight / height)2

 Men = 1.1 × weight - 128 × (weight / height)2

  • The Hume equation

Women = 0.29569 × weight + 0.41813 × height - 43.2933

Men = 0.32810 × weight + 0.33929 × height - 29.5336

  • Peter’s equation

LBM of children = 0.0817 × ((weight)0.6469 × (height)0.7236)

Steps to Calculate Maximum Lean Body Mass

  1. For calculating Lean Body Mass, we need the gender of a person, body weight & height.
  2. Choose any one formula and substitute values in the formula.
  3. After that, solve the equation to get your LBM (Lean Body Mass) value.

Solved Example of Estimating Lean Body Mass


Calculate the LBM of a person using the Hume equation if she has a height of 170cm, & a weight of 75kg.


Here, let us check the Hume equation for the woman,

LBM of woman = 0.29569 × weight + 0.41813 × height - 43.2933

After substituting the above values in the equation, we get,

LBM of woman = 49.966 kg

Using LBM & total weight of a person, we can also calculate the body fat.

Body fat = total weight – LBM

= 25.034 kg

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FAQs on Lean Body Mass Tools Measurements

1. How do I calculate my lean body mass?

Calculate lean body mass, AND how to calculate lean body mass? To calculate your lean body mass you need to subtract your weight from body fat with your overall body weight. You can calculate through manually and lean body weight calculator.

2. How much should I weigh to be lean?

For this, you will require to determine the ideal weight using the formula,

Target weight = lean weight / (100 % - desired% of body fat.

3. What is a normal lean body mass?

Lean Body Mass Standards says that usually, the lean body mass range is from 60 to 90 per cent of body weight. Lean body mass formula can used to do manually or through calculator of lbm.

4. Is 85% lean body mass or muscle mass calculator good?

The fact should be noted is that the desirable lean mass percentage for women is 75 and 80 while for men it ranges between 80 to 85 per cent.