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Multiplying too many digits can be tiresome and can even be error-prone. Thus, to save you from the lengthy calculations we have come up with the Lattice Multiplication Tools. This tool is quite user friendly and all you need to do is enter the multiplier and multiplicand as inputs and get the result in the blink of an eye.

Lattice Multiplication Tools: Do you feel multiplying long strings of numbers a daunting task? Not anymore, with our handy tool as it performs the Lattice Multiplication quite effortlessly. A Simple and effective way to do complex multiplications is using Lattice Multiplication. You can witness a detailed procedure explaining how to perform Lattice Multiplication by taking enough examples.

Procedure for Lattice Multiplication

Keeping in mind the hectic task of doing complex multiplications we have compiled the simple steps for Lattice Multiplication. Follow them and learn how to perform the Lattice Multiplication of given numbers.

Step 1: Draw a table having axb number of columns and rows. Usually, the number "a" corresponds to the number of digits of multiplicand(the number being multiplied) whereas "b" to the number of digits of the multiplier(number doing the multiplying).

Step 2: Align the digits of the multiplicand with the columns and place it on the top. Do the same with a multiplier with rows and place them on the right side.

Step 3: Create a diagonal path for the table. For the first cell draw a line from the topmost right corner going down to the left. Continue the process until you have the right triangles by now.

Step 4: Now, multiply the numbers using the distributive method. First number of multiplicand with the first number of the multiplier.

  • If the result is less than 10 make a note of the answer on the lower triangle and add 0 on the upper triangle.
  • If the result is greater than 10 write the first digit of the number in the upper triangle of the cell and the next digit in the lower triangle.
  • Multiply the first digit of the multiplicand to succeeding digits of the multiplier. continue the same process for the next digits of the multiplicand.


Step 5: Start adding the numbers on the same diagonal paths. Begin with the last triangle of the last cell and then go up the table.

  • Place the answer on the left side of the same diagonal paths.
  • If at all the answer exceeds 10 write the last number of the result on the same left side while taking the carry over to the next diagonal paths.


Step 6: The last step is to combine the digits of the answer. Begin from top to bottom and then left to right by combining them side by side.


Question: Multiply Numbers 122 and 580 using Lattice Multiplication?


Given Numbers are 122 and 580

Here the multiplicand is 122 and Multiplier is 580

  • Arrange in the form of rows and columns as both the numbers have 3 digits number of rows and columns are the same.
  • Align the digits of the multiplicand 122 with columns and place it on top. In the same way, place the multiplicand 580 towards rows on the right side.
  • Create a diagonal path and repeat the same till you have right triangles in the table.
  • Multiply the numbers 122 and 580 using the distributive method.
  • Start adding digits on the same diagonal paths and lastly combine the digits to get the product easily.

Lattice Multiplication Example

Thus, the multiplication of 122 and 580 is 70, 760.

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FAQs on Lattice Multiplication

1. What is the effective way to do Complex Multiplications?

One of the simplest and effective ways to do Complex Multiplications is to use the Lattice Multiplication Method.

2. What is meant by Lattice Multiplication?

Lattice Multiplication is a multiplication method that breaks up the digits being multiplied into tables and columns.

3. Is Lattice Multiplication Method Better?

Lattice method calculator. Lattice calculator, Yes, the Lattice Multiplication Method is better as you can solve complex problems too easily and it supports your understanding better.

4. How to use the Lattice Multiplication Tools?

Lattice method division calculator, lattice method multiplication calculator, multiplication calculator online, step by step multiplication calculator. Simply enter the input multiplier and multiplicand in the respective input provision and hit the calculate button to know their multiplication results in a short span of time. You can also use lattice algorithm calculator, Lattice diagram calculator, and Lattice multiplication example.