How to Calculate Percentage

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Value of Percent
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Here are some samples of Percentage calculations.

How to Calculate Percentage: Unlike other tools this handy tool makes your lengthy percentage calculation easy and fast. It also helps you by giving the complete explanation of the result for the given input decimals in addition to the output. On this page, we have given How to Calculate Percentage using a calculator and the step by step process for the sake of your knowledge. So, make use of this online calculator tool to know complete details about the Percentage and get a grip on the concept.

How to Calculate Percentage?

Computing the percentage is a bit difficult because it is a ratio or expressed as the number fraction of 100. But, no need to worry here we have covered the simple process to Calculate the Percentage. Go through the following steps that are provided here to get the result easily.

  • The basic Percentage Formula is P%*X=Y
  • Convert the input numbers into the formula
  • P is the percentage number
  • X is the number for which we want to calculate percentage
  • Y is the result of obtained percentage
  • Apply the formula and get the result

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Question1: What is the 10% of 160?


Given data,



Percentage Formula is

P% * X = Y

By substituting the given values in the formula



So, 10% of 160 is 16

Question2: What percent of 150 is 12?


Given data,



Percentage Formula is Y/X = P%

Substitute the given data in the above formula

P% = 12/150 = 0.08

Convert the decimal into a percentage form

Converting 0.08 to a percent: 0.08 * 100 = 8%

So 8% of 150 is 12.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Calculate Percentage

1. What is the percentage and its formula?

Simply a percentage is a fraction whose denominator is 100. When you want to convert a percentage into a decimal, divide the number by 100. The formula to find out the percentage is P% = Y/X.

2. How do I solve percentages without a calculator?

Multiply the number (n) on which you want to perform the percentage with the exact percentage number (p) to obtain the solution for p% of n.

3. How do you find 20% of a number?

Take a number and multiply it with 20. Then multiply the result by .01 to get the 20% of a number.

4. How do you calculate a 10% discount?

The simple method to determine the 10% discount is to divide the total price by 10 and then subtract that from the price.