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You've just found your new favorite how big will my cat get calculator. Our tool not only estimates the future weight of your favorite feline - it'll also show you how to tell how big a kitten will get and guide you through all the necessary calculations. 



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1. How Big Will My Kitten Get Tools?

How Much Will My Cat Weigh Tools? There are a few different ways to estimate how big your kitten will get. One simple method is to use the following formula:
Final size = (Weight / Age) * 32
Final size is in ounces
Weight is in ounces
Age is in weeks
For example, if your kitten is 8 weeks old and weighs 2 pounds (32 ounces), then their final size would be estimated to be 10 pounds (32 ounces / 8 weeks * 32 = 128 ounces).

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