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Are you excited to get the results of hp calculations in a few seconds? Then, make sure to use this free & handy online Horsepower Tools. Here, you need to select a calculation and enter the required inputs in the boxes then click on the calculate button. Right away it generates the output for the given values with a detailed solution.

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Free Online Horsepower Tools:Lack of subject knowledge in solving the horsepower calculations. Don't worry, as our horsepower calculator online tool gonna be your savior as it makes you learn and understand the concept right from the definition of the calculation process. You can check out what is horsepower(hp), the formula of hp, manual steps to find theHorsepower from speed and torque by horsepower online calculator from the below modules.

What is Horsepower? (Definition & its Types)

An imperial unit that measures the power in physics is called Horsepower. And the power is equivalent to550 foot-pounds per second (approx 746 watts). The symbol that represents the horsepower is 'hp' which is an SI unit too.Generally, it is utilized to define the power of the engine or motors' efficiency.

1HP = 1 lb x 33,000 ft / 1 minute

It was initially stated in the 18thcentury by Scottish engineer James Watt, for comparing the engine's efficiency with the horse. There are several types of horsepower and are described as such:

Mechanical Horsepower, hp(I):This type of horsepower is invented in 1782 by james watt and it is the popular horsepower definition which is equal to 745.70 Watts.

Metric Horsepower, hp(M):This horsepower is a scientific designation, that equals to 735.50 Watts approx.

Electrical Horsepower, hp(E):It is mostly utilized for electrical machines or motors. and 1hp(E) is equivalent to 746 Watts.

Air Horsepower, ahp:This definition is mainly utilized in air conditioning machines and it is equivalent to 944 Watts.

Boiler Horsepower, hp(S): This signifies a boiler's capacity to produce steam to a steam engine, which equivalents roughly 9,809.5 Watts.

Horsepower Formula

The formula of Horsepower of an engine or motor is measured as torque multiplied by rpm or speed and the value divided by the constant number ie., 5252. It is expressed as

Horsepower = Torque x RPM(or)Speed / 5252 hp

Horsepower = (T * N) / 5252 hp


  • Constant number of revolutions per minute is 5252
  • Torque is represented by T
  • Speed or RPM is represented by N

One more formula of Horsepower that relates to weight is defined as,

Horse Power = Weight x (Velocity/234)^2

How to Calculate Horsepower Easily?

The simple steps that everyone needs to follow to calculate the horsepower for the given values are as outlined:

  1. Firstly, you need to identify the speed and torque from the problem.
  2. Next, learn and apply the formula of horsepower (hp) ie., hp = T x N / 5252
  3. Substitute the given values in the above hp formula and simply the expression.
  4. After simplification, you got to know the desired result in hp.

For better understanding of the horsepower calculation, we have provided a worked out examples below simply make use of them and practice with our simple horsepower calculator for quick results.

Solved Examples on Horsepower from torque & speed calculation


Estimate the Horsepower of a Car That Spins at 600 speed and has a Torque of 200 Pound-Foot.


Given data are

Torque is 200 pound-foot

Speed is 600 revolutions per minute

Now, we have to use the formula of horsepower to get the desired result;

so, horsepower = T x N / 5252

hp = 200 x 600 / 5252

hp = 120000 / 5252

hp =22.8484

Therefore, the car engine will generate 22.8484 Horsepower.

FAQs on online rpm to horsepower calculator with steps

1. How many horsepower is a horse?

The result as 14.9 horsepower is a horse.

2. What is torque?

The measure of the force that may effect an object about the axis of rotation is known as torque or moment of force. 'Nm' is the SI unit of torque.

3. How do we calculate horsepower without calculator?

To calculate the horsepower without calculator, we simply use the formula of the horsepower i.e., Hp = T x N/5252 hp. Place the values which are given and calculate the result.

4. Where can i find thehorsepower calculator torque rpm online?

You can find the horsepower calculator torque rpm online from the trusted and reliable website called Here, you many also find many other mathematical online calculators for free.