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With the help of our free expanding using triple angle formulas calculator tool gives you the simplified answer to your trig equations using triple angle formulas in a blink of an eye. Give the parameter you need and just tap the cursor on calculate button. You will see the answer instantly.

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Simplify Trig Equations using Triple Angle Formulas Tools: Finding a trigonometric expression using triple angle formulas is not a difficulty anymore. You can use our calculator tool for quick results. On this page, you can use the calculator and also learn the step-by-step process on how to expand the trig equation using triple angle formulas easily without any errors also we are providing solved examples for clear understanding.

How to Simplify Trig Equations Using Triple Angle Formulas?

We are providing you with simple instructions for simplifying the trigonometric equations using triple angle formulas.

  • Get the equation that was given in the problem.
  • After that, apply the triple angle formulas in the trig equations.
  • Then, simplify the equation.
  • Finally, you will get the simplified trig expression answer.


Question: Evaluate 2sin(3x)sin(x) = 1?


Given the trig equation,

2sin(3x)sin(x) = 1

Here, we will apply the formula of triple angle.

sin(3x) = 3 sin(x) - 4 sin3 (x)

Now, 2sin(3x)sin(x) = 1

2 * [3 sin(x) - 4 sin3 (x)] * sin(x) =1

6 sin2 (x) - 8 sin(x) = 1

6 sin2 (x) - 8 sin(x) - 1 =0

Let, p = sin2 (x)

6p - 8p2 -1 =0

8p2 - 6p +1 = 0

(8p - 4)(8p - 2) / 8 = 0

(2p - 1)(4p - 1) = 0

p = 1 /2 (or) 1/ 4

Here, we know that,  p = sin2 (x)

sin2 (x) = 1 /2 (or) 1/ 4.

sin(x) = ±(1/√2) or ±(1/2).

Therefore, 2sin(3x)sin(x) = 1 is sin(x) = ±(1/√2) or ±(1/2).

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FAQS on Expanding Trig Equations using Triple Angle Formulas Tools

1. How do you calculate the trig equations using triple angle formulas by our calculator?

Simply, we will give the inputs in the input fields and click on the calculate button and get the answers effortlessly. Available in  angle calculator online. Expanding trigonometric expressions calculator.

2. What is the best website that offers expanding using a triple angle formula calculator?

Arithmeticcalculators.com is the best website that offers expanding using a triple angle formula calculator. Triple angle formula cosine. Sin rule calculator will help you with that.

3. What are the triple angle formulas of sin, cos, and tan or what is tripPle angle formula or sin triple angle formula?

  • sin 3x = 3sin x - 4sin3x
  • cos 3x = 4cos3x - 3cos x
  • tan 3x = [3tanx - tan3x]/[1 - 3tan2x]