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Take the advantage of our handy Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Tools Tool to keep a time estimate while travelling by car easily. You need to just enter the unit system, distance to be covered, Avg vehicle speed, departure date and time, scheduled stops, and Avg time @ each stop in the provided input field and click on the calculate button to check the result within a fraction of seconds.

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Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Tools: Unlike other tools, this calculator makes your prolonged computations so effortless and quick. It not only gives the estimated date and time of arrival but, it also provides the total drive time.

Our online calculator ETA tool assists you by showing a complete description of the given input data set in addition to the valid result. So, make use of this online handy calculator and understand completely about how to calculate the Estimated Time of Arrival.

What is the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)?

The estimated time of arrival (ETA) is the time at which a plane, ship, or vehicle is scheduled to arrive at a specified destination. For example, a bus company will issue an ETA based on the projected average speed.

When the distance to be travelled is divided by the speed, an estimate of when the bus will arrive is obtained. Of course, this does not account for unforeseeable occurrences that may occur during a voyage, such as accidents, breakdowns, bad weather, and so on.

Factors Associated with Arrival Time Tools Driving

  • Trip distance (km or miles): Trip distance means the approximate distance measured from the starting point of a journey to the destination.
  • Average drive speed (km/h or mph): In our travelling journey, we travel at different speeds in different locations such as in narrow lanes, traffic roads, and highways. So, to calculate the average speed, we divide the total trip distance by the total time taken to reach the destination.
  • Total breaks time during the drive: During our journey, we take a break in between for various reasons, like for the washroom, food, and sightseeing. But as a general rule for a driver to be alert, it's essential to take a 15-minute break every two hours and should drive for a maximum of 8 hours a day.
  • Departure time: It is the time at which the transport of a vehicle is scheduled to leave for a trip.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) Calculation Formula

Here, the ETA Calculation is so simple by using the pretty easy statistical formula ie.,

ETA(Time) = Distance Tavelled / Speed

It covers average speed, distance to be covered, point of origin, and all the above factors explained. For more check our calculation process steps and solved example from below sections.

How to Calculate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Easily?

  1. Select the unit of our convenience for measuring the trip distance & speed of the vehicle.
  2. Check the total trip distance covered by the given vehicle.
  3. Check the approximate average speed of the vehicle during travel.
  4. Note down the date & time of your journey.
  5. If there is any planning to take some breaks during the journey, take a note of no.of breaks & approximate time that we will spend during journey breaks,
  6. Divide the total trip distance by average speed. We get the time required to complete the journey.
  7. Add the approximate time breaks along the journey to the above answer to get ETA.

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ETA Calulation Example in Detailed Steps


Suppose a family is on a vacation which is 750 km from their hometown. The expected average speed is calculated as 75 km/h. & the family is planning to take 3 breaks of 20 min in between the journey. The family is planning to start the journey on 13th May at 11 pm. What is the ETA for a journey back home?


Here, trip distance = 750 km

Approximate average speed = 75 km/h

Total stops along the journey = 3 stops of 20 min each = 60 min = 1hour

Now, to calculate the ETA, we use the following ETA Calculation Formula

ETA = (trip distance / average speed) + total stop time

= (750 / 75) + 1 = 11 hours

So, if the family will leave on time, then they will reach the destination at around midnight i.e. 12 am.

FAQs on Free Online Drive Time Tools - Travel Time Tools

1. How is departure and arrival time calculated?

If arrival time and travel time in terms of date/time are specified then departure time can calculate by subtracting the travel time from the desired arrival time.

2. How do you calculate ETA on a ship?

Travelled distance is divided by speed to find time in hours to calculate elapsed time of the voyage. To find the number of days divide the hours by 24.

3. What is ETO in aviation?

Estimated Time Over abbreviated as ETO is the time at which an aircraft would be over a particular location or fixed waypoint.