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Circle Skirt Tools tool is useful to find the amount of fabric required to make a circle skirt, and waist radius easily. All you need to do is select the type of skirt i.e full circle/ half circle/ quarter circle/ 3/4 circle, waist size, and skirt length details and press the calculate button to avail the waist radius and fabric length.

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Full Circle Skirt Tools: Are you wondering how to make a circle skirt? If yes, then you are at the correct place. This Quarter Circle Skirt Tools helps to calculate the amount of fabric needed, and waist radius to create a perfect dress. The main aim of this tool is to enjoy sewing process without bothering about measurements. Know the steps on how to calculate the fabric length and circle skirt formulas from this page.

How to Make a Circle Skirt?

A circle skirt is a flowing skirt that has fabric flat in the shape of a circle. It is very easy to sew the circle once the fabric is cut to the required measurements and sew two ends together.

The tricky part that makes people avoid circle skirts is converting measurements into an actual pattern. You need to measure the waist circumference and the length of the skirt from the waistband.

circle skirt pattern

Circle Skirt Formulas

After collecting these details, decide the type of skirt you are going to sew and start the process.

Here are the formulas to find the waistband for a full circle skirt formula, 1/2 circle, 1/4 circle and 3/4 circle skirts.

  • Waist radius for full circle skirt R = waist / 2π - 2
  • Waist radius for 3/4 circle skirt R = 4/3 x waist / 2π - 2
  • Waist radius for 1/2 circle skirt R = 2 x waist / 2π - 2
  • Waist radius for 1/4 circle skirt R = 4 x waist / 2π - 2
  • The fabric length formula is fabric length = length + R + 2


  • the waist is the waist circumference
  • length is the skirt length
  • -2 at the end of the waistband means the measurements are decreased by 2 cm
  • +2 at the end of fabric length stands for the hem allowance.

After getting the radius and fabric length, you need to draw two circles with a common center. Follow the below image to know the cutting pattern.

Steps to Fabric Length for Full Circle Skirt

Here are the detailed steps to know the fabric length and waist radius for the complete circle skirt.

  • Get the waist circumference, and skirt length details.
  • Substitute the values in the formulas.
  • Get the waist radius and required fabric length.


Find the full circle skirt fabric when the circumference of the waist is 20 cm and the length of the skirt is 30 cm.


Given that,

Waist circumference = 20 cm

Skirt length = 30 cm

Full circle skirt waist radius R = waist / 2π - 2

R = 20 / 2π - 2

= 1.183 cm

Fabric length = length + R + 2

= 30 + 1.183 + 2

= 33.182 cm

FAQ's on Quarter Circle Skirt Tools

1. How many times do you fold fabric for a circle skirt?

You have to fold fabric 4 times to cut a circle skirt pattern.

2. How to calculate a 3/4 circle skirt with 3/4 circle skirt calculator?

  • Measure waist and skirt's length.
  • Use the formula R = 4/3 x W / 2π - 2 to find the waist radius.
  • The Sum of length, radius and 2 is the fabric length.

3. What is the formula to find the fabric for a circle skirt?

The formula for fabric length is fabric length = radius + length + 2.

4. How to Use 1/2 Circle Skirt Tools?

Give the waist circumference and length of the skirt in the input fields. Click on the calculate button to get the full round skirt waist radius and fabric length.