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Cat Calorie Tools is a free tool that helps you find out the desired calorie intake of your furry friend. Cats are known as pets you like to pamper as much as you can. Making sure that your furry friend does not get pampered a little too much is really important. You don’t want your cat having health issues because of obesity or any other condition which is a result of being overweight. This is where the Cat Calorie Tools comes in. You can use it to calculate the exact amount of calories that your cat needs in order to stay healthy.

Resting energy in
Maintenance energy in

Cat Calorie Tools: Just like it is important for humans to keep a check on their calories in order to live a healthy lifestyle, the same goes for cats. Obesity can lead to unwanted medical conditions which you obviously don’t want for your furry friend. The Cat Calories Tools is very easy to use. All you need to get your pet’s desired calorie intake is its weight and the information about whether it is neutered or not. For a detailed account on cat calories and how to use the cat calorie calculator, refer to the information given below.

How to Measure a Cat’s Calorie Intake?

It is very simple to find what your furry friend’s desired calorie intake is. Although, there are certain measurements that are required to calculate the desired calorie intake. The step-by-step process for calculating the calorie intake is explained in the section below. You can always use the Cat Calorie Tools for quick answers regarding the same.

  • The very first requirement is your furry friend’s weight. The measurement should be in Kilograms. If you have the measurement in pounds (lbs), all you have to do is divide the value by 2.2. Now if you’re wondering how to measure your cat’s weight, just follow the steps given below.
    • One option is to take your cat and place it on a weighing scale. Now we all know how difficult that is going to be given how these furry troublemakers find it really hard staying still. If you’re successful in making your pet stay still, well and good. If not, you can choose the second option.
    • The second option is to take the weight of yourself and your cat together by holding your furry friend against you. Then all you have to do is subtract your own weight from the collective weight of you and your pet.
  • The second step is to multiply the three-fourth or 0.75 power of your cat’s weight by 70. Weight ?.?? * 70
  • The resulting value is your cat’s desired resting energy requirement in kcal. In simpler words, it is the basic energy that your cat requires in order to perform the natural bodily functions such as respiration, digestion, etc.
  • The next step is to multiply the resting energy requirement with the maintenance coefficient. Maintenance coefficient is a value that is based on the age group and physiological conditions of your furry friend. We have provided you with a maintenance coefficient chart for your ease which you will find in this article later. You can also find this coefficient in the advanced mode of the Cat Calorie Tools.
  • The resulting value is the maintenance calories of your furry friend in kcal. These are the exact number of calories that your cat requires in a single day.

If you’re having trouble getting the answers to complex questions of mathematics and biology, make all the trouble go away by using and getting all the solutions in a matter of seconds.

Maintenance Coefficient Chart


Maintenance Coefficient

Neutered Adult Cat


Non - Neutered Adult Cat


Weight Loss


Weight Gain


0 - 4 Months Old Kitten


4 Months to Adult Cat


How to Use the Cat Calorie Tools?

Using the cat calorie calculator is very simple. All you have to do is be ready with the necessary requirements. The requirements are your furry friend’s weight and the knowledge about whether it is a neutered adult or not. Once you have all this necessary information, all you have to do is enter your cat’s weight in the calculator and specify what kind of calorie intake you are looking for. The options are as follows

  • Neutered Adult Cat
  • Non-Neutered Adult Cat
  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • 0 - 4 Months Old Kitten
  • 4 Months to Adult Cat

After specifying this all you have to do is click enter and your furry friend’s desired calorie intake will be displayed on your screen within a matter of seconds.

Cat Calorie Requirement Examples

Example 1:

The weight of a cat is 19 pounds and is a neutered adult. Calculate the resting energy requirement.


The first step is to convert the weight from pounds to kilograms. 

1 kg = 2.2 lbs

1 lb = 1 / 2.2 kg

19 lb = 19 / 2.2 kg = 8.6 kg


Weight of the cat = 8.6 kg

According to formula,

Resting Calorie Requirement = Weight ?·?? * 70

Resting Calorie Requirement = 8.6 ?·?? * 70

Resting Calorie Requirement = 5.02 * 70 = 351.5376 = 351.54 kcal.

Example 2:

Calculate the maintenance calories of the cat in the above example.


The formula for calculating the maintenance calories is,

Maintenance Calories = Resting Calories * Maintenance Coefficient


Resting Calories = 351.54 kcal

Category = Neutered Adult

The maintenance coefficient for a neutered adult is 1.6


Maintenance Calories = 351.54 * 1.6 = 562.464 = 562.5 kcal.

FAQs on Calorie Requirements Tools for Cats

1. What is the average calorie intake of a cat?

The average calorie intake of a cat is 45 calories per kilogram or 20 calories per pound of its body weight.

2. Is it safe to give high calorie foods to cats?

You can choose to give high-calorie foods to your furry friend if they are malnutrition or underweight. Otherwise, it is very important to feed them just the right amount of calories. You can get the desired calorie intake of your furry friend by using the Cat Calorie Tools.

3. Is the number of calories required by a neutered cat and an intact cat the same?

The desired amount of calorie intake for neutered cats and intact cats is not the same. Neutered cats have a slightly less calorie intake than intact cats, the difference being about 5 - 8 calories per day.

4. What is the formula for calculating maintenance calories?

The formula for calculating the maintenance calories of your furry friend is Maintenance calories = Resting calories * Maintenance coefficient