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The Bird Age Tools is a free tool that helps you the age of your feathered friend. This calculator helps calculate the age of birds be it parrots, canaries, cockatiels, etc. If you wonder how old your feathered friend is in human years, this calculator will help you get your answer. All you have to do is specify the species of the bird and its age in bird years and just wait for the calculator to do its magic which it does without fail in a matter of seconds.

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Bird age Tools: Bird age calculator is obvious that it is not possible to have a universal formula for the calculation of the age of birds. Bird age is different for every species. An albatross that is 5 years old cannot be in the same stage of life as a parrot who is also 5 years old. To solve this problem, the bird's age calculator takes into account the average lifespan of the species and then gives the desired result. In order to know more about bird age, comparison of bird age to human years, and how to use a bird age calculator, refer to the article given below.

Bird Age Formula

The formula used for calculating the bird's age is:

Bird Age = ( Human Age * Bird Average LIfespan ) / Human Average Lifespan

For calculating the bird's age, the parameters that you require are human age, bird average lifespan, and human average lifespan. Follow the below steps in order to get the birds age:

  • Find out what the average lifespan of your bird species is.
  • Multiply the human age with the average lifespan of the bird species.
  • Divide the previous result by the average human lifespan (72.6 years according to UN’s 2019 estimates) and you will get the age of your feathered pet.

How to Use the Bird Age Tools?

Using the Bird Age Tools is quite simple. All you have to do is enter the bird’s age and specify the species and the calculator will do the rest. Following is a detailed account of the same. You may follow these species in the order of your choice.

  • Enter the species of the bird that you want to calculate the age of.
  • Specify its age in bird years.
  • The calculator will then display the age in human years, lifespan range, and average lifespan of your feathered friend.

Bird Age Calculation Examples

Example 1:
I own a conure who is 2 years old. What is the equivalent age in human years?


Bird Age = Human Age * Bird Average Life span / Human Average Life span

Firstly we need to find the average lifespan of a conure and the average human lifespan.

Conure average lifespan = 15 years

Human average lifespan = 72.6 years

Bird age = 2 years


According to the formula,

2 = ( Human Age * 15 ) / 72.6

Human Age = ( 2 * 72.6 ) / 15

Human Age = 9.68 = 10 years

Example 2:

I own a lovebird who is 5 years old in bird years and 24 years old in human years. What is the average lifespan of my pet?


Bird Age = Human Age * Bird Average Life span / Human Average Life span

According to the formula, 

Bird Average Lifespan = Bird age * Human Average Lifespan / Human Age

Bird Average Lifespan = 5 * 72.6 / 24

Bird Average Lifespan = 15.125 = 15 years

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FAQs on Bird Age Tools

1. What is the equivalent of budgie age in human years?

Bird years to human years,The lifespan of a budgie ranges from 5 - 10 years which averages at an equivalent of 7-8 years. Upon comparing it to human years, it can be said that 1 bird year for a budgie is equivalent to 9 - 10 human years.

2. How can I tell the age of my cockatiel?

Telling the age of a bird completely on the basis of looks is quite impossible. A hatch certificate and also a band can help you tell the age of a cockatiel. Although, there are certain peculiarities in the looks of birds that can help you get an idea about their age. These peculiarities are

  • Feet: Old birds have cracked claws whereas young birds have smooth claws.
  • Head Crest: Young birds have short and straight whereas older birds have long and curvy.
  • Feathers: Young birds have restrained colors whereas older birds have vivid colors.
  • Energy Level: Younger ones have more energy levels as compared to older ones.

3. How can I tell a budgie's age?

Similar to a cockatiel, a hatch certificate and a band help in telling the age of a budgie. Some peculiarities in looks also signify a budgie's age. These peculiarities are listed below.

  • Cap Feathers: Younger ones have striped caps whereas older ones have no forehead bars.
  • Eyes: Younger ones have black eyes whereas older ones have a bright iris.

4. What is supposed to be the average lifespan of a parrot?

There are a lot of different species of parrots and each one of them has a different lifespan. The average lifespan of these species can range from 20 years to 80 years. You can also find out the  budgie age using budgie age calculator,  lovebird age in human years,  budgie years to human years,  cockatiel age in human years, and  bird age in human years.