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Our Amortization calculator tool is the best online tool that helps you to know how much you need to pay monthly. By just giving your loan amount, interest rate, and the number of years as inputs you can immediately know the monthly payment as output.

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Amortization Tools: Determining monthly payment for your loan looks difficult for you? Then just jump to our online calculator tool that calculates the monthly payment for your loan by just giving some inputs. And also if you are interested you can also know how to calculate the loan manually with some easy steps. Read on!!

How to Calculate Loan Payment?

For calculating monthly payments manually, we have a formula for calculating loan payments.

Loan Payment = [Amount of loan x i(1+i)n] / [(1+i)n - 1]


n is the number of years.

i is the interest rate.

Look into the step-by-step procedure to calculate loan payments. By following the below steps you can check your monthly payment easily.

  • First, see the values that are given in the problem.
  • Then, apply the loan payment formula.
  • Loan Payment = [Amount of loan x i(1+i)n] / [(1+i)n - 1].
  • Then insert given values into the formula and simplify it.
  • Finally, you will get the monthly payment of your loan.


Question: Suppose you have taken a loan of $15000 with a 2% interest rate for 3 years?


Given, i = 2% = 2/100 /12 = 0.0016

n = 3 years = 3x 12 = 36 months

Loan amount = $15000

As we know already, use the formula of loan payment

Loan Payment = [Amount of loan x i(1+i)n] / [(1+i)n - 1].

= $15000 x 0.0016(1+0.0016)36 ] / [(1+0.0016)36 -1].

 = $ 429.64

Total amount paid with interest = $ 429.64 x 36 months = $ 15,467.04

Total interest paid = $ 15,467.04 - $15000 =  $467.04

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FAQs on Amortization Tools

1. How Amortization will be calculated?

Amortization will be calculated by using the formula, Loan Payment = [Amount of loan x i(1+i)n] / [(1+i)n - 1].

2. How to use Amortization calculator?

Simply give the inputs in the input fields and click on the calculate button and get error-free results.

3. What is the website that offers the best Amortization calculator?

Arithmeticcalculators.com is the website that offers Amortization calculator.