Age Difference Tools

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Do you want to count age difference? calculate age gap, You can get the age difference between the two different persons by giving their date of births as inputs within seconds using the Age Difference Tools or  age gap difference calculator. 


Age Difference Tools


Age Difference Tools: Do you feel finding the age gap is difficult and need any assistance? You can check this handy tool to know how much one person is older than the other one. This online calculator tool makes it easy for you by giving the detailed output which is in years, months and days.


How to Check Age Gap Between Two Persons?

Here is the simple procedure to calculate the pth percentile of n numbers.

  • Take any two person’s Date of Birth which is Date/Month/Year.
  • Start counting the years from older people.
  • Then, take months and check is there any difference or not.
  • Now go to the date section and calculate the gap in days.


Question. How much a person born on 1985, Mar 6th is older than a person born on 1992, Jan 3rd?


Person 1 Date of Birth: 6/03/1985

Person 2 Date of Birth: 3/01/1992

The year wise difference is 6 Years because person 2 was not born after March.

The Month wise difference is 9 Months (9 months in 1985+0 months in 1992)

The day wise difference is 28 days (25 days in march+3 days in January)

Therefore, Person 1 is 6 years 9 months and 28 days older than Person 2.

Age Difference Tools

Frequently Asked Questions on Age Difference

1. How can I know the age difference in a relationship?

Know the date of birth of male and female candidates and give it as inputs in the Age Difference Tools and get their age gap in terms of Days, Months, Years and whole days as a result.

2. How do leap years affect your birthday calculations?

Counting leap years is also a part if the difference in birthdays occur after February 29. Leap years are abstracted away in the year column, since a year can have 365 or 366 days.

3. How do I check the age gap in terms of days for two different DOB’s??

Firstly, check the age gap in terms of years, months and days. Count down the number of leap years older people are going through before the birth of a younger person. According to that, take the number of days as 365 for a non-leap year and 366 for a leap year to calculate the age difference in terms of days.

4. Who is the younger person when 3 persons having Date of Birth as 01.05.2000, 01.08.2002, 03.04.2010?

Out of the above three DOB’s, we can clearly say that the person born in 2010 i.e 3rd person is younger than other two persons. Reference like, Age difference calculator by birthday, age calculator difference, and age difference calculator online.